Sulky Tear-Easy Embroidery Stabilizer is lightweight, temporary and soft, providing great stability combined with effortless removal. Use 1, 2, or 3 layers to stabilize virtually any fabric, then easily tear away one layer at a time to prevent the pulling, tearing or distorting that can occur when tearing away a single layer of thicker, heavier stabilizers. A special fibre-structure technology facilitates
horizontal, vertical and diagonal tearing of nonwovens and guarantees complete removal after embroidery.

  • Universal embroidery and sewing stabiliser for fine, light-weight fabrics
  • Guarantees an even and professional look.
  • Ideal for machine appliqués, patchwork and quilting
  • Effortless removal
  • Availabe in white


  • Ideal for fine, lightweight fabrics
  • Appliqué
  • Edge Work
  • Monogramming
  • Satin Stitching
  • Templates
  • Computerized Machine Embroidery
  • Thread Sketching


 Place Tear Easy under fabric or design area to be stitched, then hoop fabric and stabiliser together, taut like a drum. Use several layers for very thin fabrics.
Embroider your design.
Once stitching is completed, carefully tear away TEAR EASY one layer at a time.

For further information and helpful hints we recommend our SULKY STARTER KIT STABILIZER.

Machine embroidery:
1. Place Tear Easy under embroidery material and mount in the embroidery frame. Use several layers of Tear Easy when working with very fine, light materials.
2. Embroider the desired design.
3. When complete, carefully tear away excess Tear Easy up to the embroidery seam.

Machined appliqués:
1. For smooth fabric transfer, place Tear Easy under the base material.
2. Sew on appliqué design using satin stitch.
3. When complete, carefully tear away excess Tear Easy up to the embroidery seam.

Patchwork - sewing by numbers:
1. Plot pattern on to Tear Easy (mirror-inverted).
2. Sew material sections on to Tear Easy in numerical order using small stitches.
3. When complete, carefully tear away excess Tear Easy.

Crazy patchwork:
1. Cut out desired block size in addition to seam allowance from the Tear Easy.
2. Sew on material remnants, ribbons etc., using small stitches, until the block is fully covered.
3. After the sewing stage is complete, carefully tear away remaining Tear Easy.

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SULKY® TEAR EASY white, 25cm x 10m

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