SULKY PAPER SOLVY is a water-soluble paper which can be removed by dipping it into warm water.Using Sulky Paper Solvy™ stabilizer is a great way to use designs off your computer or the internet. Print or trace a design onto Paper Solvy and have it wash out once is stitched. Use as a base, backing or topper.

  • Water-soluble paper
  • To Transfer patterns (drawing, copying, printing on paper)
  • Base, backing or topper
  • It comes in 21,6cm x 28cm sheets


  • As water-soluble embroidery and sewing stablizer
  • For patchwork (paper piecing, Crazy Quilt embroidery)
  • For transferring patterns (printing or tracing onto Paper Solvy, suitable for use in copy machines)


Paper Solvy dissolves in warm water in about 10 seconds. Transfer templates by drawing, copying, pausing, or printing. For making larger or continuous patterns, spray edges with KK2000 (temporary spray adhesive) to combine respective copies.
Paper Solvy turns slightly brownish when ironing. This discoloration has no influence on the solubility.
If the pattern is printed on Solvy Paper an inkjet printer with water-proof ink must be used.
We recommend creating a test print, then sewing and washing it.
Paper Piecing:
1. Transfer the pattern onto Paper Solvy and cut out the desired block size plus seam allowance.
2. Sew fabric pieces onto the back of Paper Solvy in numerical order (stitch length 1.5 - 2).
3. Once stitching is completed dissolve Paper Solvy in water.

For further information on how to use SULKY PAPER SOLVY we recommend our SULKY SATABILIZER STARTER KIT.

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SULKY® PAPER SOLVY, 12 sheets á 21,6cm x 28cm

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