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Product information "SULKY HOLOSHIMMER - BESTSELLER (6x 225m Snap Spools)"

Your wallet will also be pleased with this yarn set, as it is cheaper than buying it individually.

Thread pack colours: 6001, 6007, 6008, 6032, 6011, 6014

This unique thread is considered the queen of metal threads and makes your sewn projects sparkle and glitter like diamonds. The key to SULKY® HOLOSHIMMER's one-of-a-kind look is the light refraction produced from its untwisted thread surface.

Suitable for:
  • decorative seams
  • decorative stitches
  • quilting-in-the-ditch
  • free-motion quilting
  • embroidery motifs with wide flat stitches and low stitch density

☞ Recommended Needle Size under Helpful Hints!

pflegesymbole_Original Metallic+Sliver+Holoshimmer

Material Composition: 50% Polyethylene / 50% Polyester (metallised)

Our metallic thread in comparison... sewing, embroidering, quilting, overlocking - you decide.
You will find the different sewing techniques here:
Overview Table

(1) Thread weight indication is a recommendation for which embroidery program our thread harmonize best.
     For example, most embroidery programs are designed for 40-weight thread.
(2) Classic indication of thread weight in Europe for various sewing techniques.



  • Metallic thread can be difficult to process if your machine shows signs of wear. Therefore, the thread guide from the thread spool to the needle plate as well as the bobbin case and the hook should be 100% perfect. Polish all sharp edges or replace worn parts!
  • We recommend a vertical thread spool holder.
  • Use a lightweight thread in the bobbin, either a matching SULKY® BOBBIN, SULKY® POLY LITE 60 or SULKY® INVISIBLE.
  • Set top tension on a lower setting; use the thinnest possible bobbin thread; hoop fabric tautly; stabilize properly; avoid stiff, coarse stabilizers and short, tiny stitches.
  • We recommend to reduce the sewing speed.
  • Large scale designs enhance the sparkling effect

The needle makes the difference!
We recommend needle size NM 75-90 (Universal or Top Stitch).