SULKY GLOW IN THE DARK (10x Snap Spools)

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Product information "SULKY GLOW IN THE DARK (10x Snap Spools)"

Your wallet will also be pleased with this yarn set, as it is cheaper than buying it individually.

Thread pack colours: 201, 202, 203, 206, 204, 207, 208, SULKY® CRY, 2x SULKY® BOBBIN (white + black)

Did you know, that there is a light-activated thread and that it really glows in the dark?
When light, sunlight or UV light hits SULKY® GLOWY, the thread stores the light and releases it in the dark - the thread glows. The duration of exposure to light determines the intensity of the luminosity.

SULKY® CRY - Sparkling reflections that protect and warn in the dark
Thousands of microscopic glass beads embedded in a polymer coating, encase the polyamide core and as a result CRY reflects light in the dark. You can set a small course like decorative stitches to have an amazing effect in the dark.

Suitable for:
  • decorative seams
  • creative decorative stitches
  • maschine embroidery

☞ Recommended Needle Size under Helpful Hints!




Material Composition GLOWY: 56% Polyester / 44% Polypropylen
Material Composition CRY: 70% glas beads / 17% Polyamide / 13% Polyurethane
Öko-Tex certified: 

Öko Tex Zertifikat gunold threads

Sewing, embroidering, quilting, overlocking - you decide.
You will find the different sewing techniques here:
Overview Table



  • To enhance the glowing effect, we recommend that a dense fill stitch or multiple outline stitches be sewn
  • For best results use a lightweight bobbin thread. We recommend SULKY® BOBBIN
  • Use a lightweight thread in the bobbin, either a matching SULKY® POLY LITE 60
  • Iron on the wrong side of garment only!

The needle makes the difference!
We recommend needle size NM 75-90 (Universal or Top Stitch)



  • Reduce embroidery and sewing speed to prevent thread breakage
  • If possible, use the start/stop button on your sewing machine.
  • Enlarge your embroidery motif at the machine by 10% to 20% if the embroidery program with the SULKY® CRY does not run smoothly.
    When enlarging, the number of stitches remains the same, but the increase in size makes the stitch density looser and therefore easier to embroider.

The needle makes the difference!
We recommend needle size NM 80-90 (Universal or Top Stitch)