SULKY RAYON 40 - TOYS MULTICOLOR (5x 780m King Spools)

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Product information "SULKY RAYON 40 - TOYS MULTICOLOR (5x 780m King Spools)"

Your wallet will also be pleased with this yarn set, as it is cheaper than buying it individually.

Thread pack colours: 2134, 2103, 2123, 2128, 2106

Did you know, that viscose comes from nature? The raw material for pulp production is wood!
Viscose has excellent properties and is in no way inferior to its role model - the silk.

Suitable for:

  • standard embroidery designs
  • decorative seams
  • fine decorative stitches
  • free-motion quilting
  • quilting, stitching-in-the-Ditch
  • roll hem with overlock machine

☞ Recommended Needle Size under Helpful Hints!


Material Composition: 100% Rayon (viscose)
❀ the sole use of biodegradable dyes and chemicals
❀ Viscose is a natural product and hence biodegradable

Öko-Tex certified: 

Öko Tex Zertifikat gunold threads

Our „REAL“ thread chart is an invaluable tool to help you choose the right color:
SULKY® RAYON Thread Card - with actual Thread

Our rayon thread cover multiple uses ... sewing, embroidering, quilting, overlocking - you decide.
You will find the different sewing techniques here:
Overview Table



  • If the reverse side of the project is visible, either SULKY® RAYON 40 or the thinner SULKY® POLY LITE 60 is ideal as bobbin thread.
    For all other projects, we recommend SULKY® BOBBIN
  • Most people find that Sulky 40 Wt. Rayon thread is easier to use for machine embroidery than any polyester thread because it has less stretch and stretch memory. Because of polyester's added, unnecessary strength, it causes acceleration of wear on the machine's moving parts and in the bobbin and needle thread path.
  • The decorative stitches on virtually all sewing machines are programmed to use 40 Wt. Rayon Thread. A lighter or heavier thread may require an adjustment to the stitch length or width, depending on its density.

The needle makes the difference!
We recommend needle size NM 75-80 (Universal, Top Stitch or Embroidery)